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GTD Excel Report Builder/Server

A light weight, rapid, web-based reporting solution

GTD Excel Report Server is a light weight reporting solution that helps small and mid-sized businesses create, manage, and deliver reports via the web or embedded in enterprise applications.

Articles on generating excel report

Java Developer's Guide to Using Spreadsheets on the Web

They're one of the most commonly used computing tools in business today, regardless of a company's revenues or number of employees. Wall Street money mavens use them, and so does your hometown accountant...spreadsheets.

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Create a summary report in Excel with data consolidation

If you have a number of Microsoft Excel worksheets that contain related data, you'll likely need to create a report that consolidates and summarizes the data. If those worksheets are laid out identically to one another, this tip will show how you can have Excel's Data Consolidate feature consolidate the worksheets into a summary report.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Generate Excel Sheet Using GTD Server

The article introduce a new way to get excel output, using a third-party reporting server named GTD Excel Report Server.

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Convert Oracle Report to Excel

If you are using Oracle Reports,

Please try Rep2excel Utility

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