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GTD Excel Report Builder/Server

A light weight, rapid, web-based reporting solution

GTD Excel Report Server is web-based reporting solution that helps small and mid-sized businesses create, manage, and deliver reports via the web or embedded in enterprise applications.

Donwload GTD Excel Report Server

The GTD Excel Report Server requires JRE, so you should install JRE on the server before starting the GTD server.

Current version: 3.80

We provide 4 types of trial version.

Download Platform How to install
GTD Server (with JRE1.6 for Windows)


  1. Download installation pack.
  2. Unzip and run installation program.
  3. Run "Manage GTD Server".
  4. Enjoy!

TIP: It is the best choice if you hava not installed JRE on your computer.

GTD Server (with JRE1.6 for Linux x86) Linux (x86)
  1. download the GTD Report Server with JRE.
  2. upload the file to your Linux server.
  3. run tar xvfz gtdrep-x86.tar.gz
  4. run cd gtdrep
  5. run ./gtdrep, see information on usage.
  6. run ./gtdrep -s, start the server.
  7. Visit http://localhost:8002/
  8. Enjoy!



1) x86 and x64 which one should I download? Please run the following command:

getconf ULONG_MAX | grep "18446744073709551615" > /dev/null && echo "x64" || echo "x86"

GTD Server (with JRE1.6 for Linux x64) Linux (x64)
Please contact support@lv2000.com if you need the free trial version for Solarix/AIX etc. All OS

Please see the online HELP document.


Donwload JRE

download jre Download JRE for all OS

Donwload JDBC Drivers

downloadDownload JDBC Driver for PostgreSQL

Download JDBC Driver for Sybase

If the driver you are looking for is now list above, please tell me: support@gtdreport.com. Thank you for your cooperation.

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