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GTD Excel Report Builder/Server

A free, light weight, rapid, web-based reporting solution

GTD Excel Report Server is web-based reporting solution that helps small and mid-sized businesses create, manage, and deliver reports via the web or embedded in enterprise applications.

Rich format excel output

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are ubiquitous in today's business environment. Although Excel can read and display delimited files, the .xls proprietary format provides additional expressive features, including font formatting and multiple sheets per spreadsheet.

Excel Report Sample
Sample report generated with GTD server Click to see excel file

The xls file is also available, click the link below please:

Sample1.xls | Sample2.xls | Sample3.xls | Sample4.xls

Experience it now (5 minutes)

If you are using Windows OS, it is very easy to install and start GTD server on your PC. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Download self-extractive file of GTD Server, click Here to download. -- 3 minutes
  2. Run the self-extractive file, extract the installation pack to a folder. --0.5 minute
  3. Double click startup.bat, start the server. --0.5 minute
  4. Open IE browser, visit http://localhost:8002/ , login as admin, password: 1234 . --0.5 minute
  5. Run the built-in sample reports, get rich-formated excel output.

Live demo of step 2-4 is available, please click here and see.

Note: If you want to uninstall, just remove the folder created at step 2.

Try the GTD server online now

We install GTD server on one of our server that is hosted in Dallas. You can login in the server and experience the server.


Login Password
fixedadmin aaa
fixeddev aaa
fixedcommonuser aaa

Please don't remove/change any object that is not created by you, thank you for your cooperation.

We have created 3 tables for your testing.

create table salesrecord (
 productName varchar(100),
 productLine varchar(100),
 customerName varchar(100),
 quantity int,
 buyPrice DECIMAL(10,2),
 orderDate date

CREATE TABLE department (
name varchar(20) NOT NULL, id int NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY );

CREATE TABLE employee (
name varchar(20) default NULL,
payment double default NULL,
bonus double default NULL,
birthDate date default NULL,
depid int, FOREIGN KEY (depid) REFERENCES department (id) );


Feedback, questions and bug reports are welcome and should be sent to the customer support, at support@gtdreport.com.

It is appreciated if you write a review of GTD Excel Report Server and send it to us by email to support@gtdreport.com.

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Excel Report Sample by GTD

Click to see excel file

Matrix Report

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